Staff Directory

Temple Aliyah is proud of its dedicated and talented professional staff. Any of our staff can be reached through the Temple office at 781-444-8522 or by e-mail (below). To learn more about our staff members, click on one of the links below:



Carl Perkins 

[email protected] 

Cantor Jamie Gloth [email protected]
Rabbi in Residence

Leslie Gordon

[email protected]

Director of Education

Alisa Levine

[email protected]

Director of Early Childhood Education

Debbi Fendell

[email protected]

Director of Engagement

Alan Teperow

[email protected]

B'nai Mitzvah Tutor

Cantor Linda Sue Sohn

[email protected] 

Shabbat Educator

Devora Rohr [email protected]
Director of Youth Engagement

Kayla Reisman

[email protected]

Senior USY Advisor

Jonathan Marx  

Junior USY Advisor

David Solkowitz [email protected]

Kadima and Kochavim Advisor

David Solkowitz  

Synagogue Administrator  

Sharon Solomon

[email protected] 

Administrative Assistant to Rabbi Marie Savrides [email protected],com 

Mercaz Aliyah Administrative Assistant 

Caroline Nudelman  

[email protected] 

Bookkeeper  Rufina Kotlyar   [email protected] 


Information about our officers, Board of Directors, and other lay leadership can be found on our Leadership Directory page.