Green Initiatives at TA

God put us in the Garden of Eden, “to till it and to tend it." (Genesis 2:15)

go green imageThroughout our history, the Jewish people has been mindful of our responsibility to be stewards of creation and to care for our precious environment.

The newly formed Temple Aliyah Green Committee focuses on improving and enhancing the Temple community’s relationship to nature.

Our goals include educating the community about the Jewish basis of environmental stewardship, reducing waste at the Temple, and encouraging members to include conservation in other areas of their lives.

Look for signs that our temple is “going green:" paperless bulletins, compact fluorescent bulbs, soy-based utensils, motion sensor lighting, digital thermostats, and many more.

Check out the Green Committee's Tips for keeping things Green! To volunteer, or to learn more about the Green Committee, please contact [   ].

Take a look at the following video from Temple Aliyah's first annual Energy Fair.  Download the complete list of vendors.