Youth Activities

Cantor and Grade 1 Students-2010Temple Aliyah offers a variety of activities from early childhood to young adult. On any given weekend, you will find a schedule full of events for youth and families.

Our Youth Programs offer exciting social, religious and educational programming for children of all ages. We encourage our Youth to become involved in many of our Temple-wide activities including celebrating holidays, reading Torah on the High Holidays, Shabbat and festivals, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, assisting teachers in Mercaz Aliyah and taking part in our Youth Groups.

Our goal is to provide a mileu for learning, community and prayer, for your children to enjoy being with their friends in an informal setting, to have fun and experience Jewishly.

Parents can assist in building our Youth Community by encouraging your children to participate in our events and by joining the Youth Committee, offering guidance and suggestions on how we can improve our offerings. We look forward to seeing your child at one of our events or around the Temple. The Temple Aliyah Youth Committee supports and coordinates programs and events for kids in grades 2-12. For more information, please contact any of our Youth Committee Co-Chairs : Melissa Patz or Bess Weiskopf.

Program information is published regularly in Coming Up, the Temple's weekly email newsletter and can be found ont the calendar under Youth Events.  Please contact Kayla Reisman, our Director of Youth Engagement at 781-444-8522 to be sure you are included on our email list.

Bringing Families Together-

Visit Temple Tots to learn more about activities for children from birth to age 5 and TAK26 for information on family activities for elementary school age children. More resources to learn about formal education opportunities can be found by clicking here.