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Y@TA USY- Youth at Temple Aliyah/USY

Our re-imagined youth programming, now known collectively as Youth At Temple Aliyah (Y@TA), engages the youth and teens of Temple Aliyah (2nd – 12th grade) in order to enrich their Jewish identities and their connection to our congregation. Through leadership opportunities, participation in United Synagogue Youth (USY), social action initiatives, and education, we cultivate experiences that foster a sense of belonging in the greater Jewish community.



OUR AMAZING STAFF have planned an exciting year for everyone. Read on to learn about each of our programs!

Eitan Bloomstein

David Solkowitz

Wilma Sack-Poyer

Director of Youth Engagement Jr. Y@TA Advisor Kochavim/Kadima advisor


Our Youth Committee co-chairs are Melissa Patz and Bess Weiskopf.

Click here for a complete calendar of our youth activities. Here are some photos of our kids engaged in their activities.


Jr. Y@TA USY is our 6-8th grade social community.  At its center is a small group of committed 6-8th graders, the Temple Aliyah Youth Leaders (TAYLs), who work together with their advisor to build community through peer engagement and planning events for the entire Jr. Y@TA USY community.  Keep an eye out for the TAYLs and Jr. Y@TA USY events!

Advisor: David Solkowitz   


Sr. Y@TA USY is our high school social community.  Leading this community is a group of Teen Engagement Fellows (TEFs).  The TEFs work with their advisor to engage with and build a thriving teen community.  They do this through one-on-one conversations with their peers and by hosting Sr. Y@TA USY events. Keep an eye out for the TEFs and Sr. Y@TA USY events!

Advisor: Eitan Bloostein

Yallah Aliyah

Yallah Aliyah is a partnership between Y@TA and Mercaz Aliyah.  Our programs provide opportunities for Jewish learning in a fun social environment.  They include TACOS, TACOS2, Madrichim, and Teen Tuesdays.

Teen Tuesdays  - New This Year!

Each Tuesday, teens can meet their friends for dinner in the youth lounge, followed by an hour of course study, and then dessert back in the lounge! Teen Tuesdays run from 6:00-7:30. We will be offering courses on Jewish Views on Social Justice (a companion to TACOS) with Eitan Bloostein, Remembering and Rebuilding after the Holocaust with Wilma Poyser, Fierce Women in the Bible with Cantor Gloth and Alisa Levine, and Streaming the Torah with David Solkowitz.   

TACOS (Temple Aliyah Community Opportunities and Service)

In our TACOS program, students in grades 9-12 meet with their advisor at a service site two Sundays a month to perform volunteer work. TACOS students also help out with synagogue-wide events throughout the year, such as Hannukah Happening and the Purim Carnival. In the past, the TACOs students have visited with the elderly residents of Coleman House and prepared dinners both for the Temple Aliyah Hesed Committee and Family Promise.  Temple Aliyah membership is not required to participate.

TACOS2  New this year!

This year we will be offering two TACOS tracks: TACOS for students in grades 9-12 and TACOS 2 for students in grades 7-8.  This year, TACOS2 will focus on the issues of hunger and homelessness.  Over the course of the program, students will visit several different local sites to perform their service and to learn about hunger and homelessness and the many ways they can help.


Teens enrolled in our Madrichim program work wither as Mercaz Aliyah teachers' aides or one-on-one with students as peer tutors.  Students may request the age group (grades k-7) and the days (S,M,Th) that they prefer to volunteer, and they will receive placement per the needs of Mercaz Aliyah. In addition to their time in the classroom, Madrichim attend monthly training workshops during the year.  Our Madrichim program is a wonderful way for our post-B'nei Mitzvah teens to connect with and mentor the younger children in our congregation.  The Madrichim program is open only to Temple Aliyah Members

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