Endowment Funds at Temple Aliyah

The Temple Aliyah Endowment Fund

A gift to the Temple Aliyah Endowment Fund is an investment in our community's future; to ensure that our children and grandchildren will have the same opportunity to learn and carry forward our Jewish values.

An Endowment Fund is a pool of assets held separately from Temple Aliyah's general funds and is subject to the legal restriction that only its "income" may be used for general operating purposes. Endowed Funds may be restricted or unrestricted for use but in all cases the intent is to only use the income of the fund for the specified purpose and thereby preserve the principle in perpetuity. An endowment supports financial sustainability, providing resources for the Temple and its current programs as well as preparing for future needs. Like a savings account, an endowment fund earns interest. Each year, approximately 3-5% of the fund is drawn, assuring that the original funds will grow over time.

The Endowment Committee approved and made distributions of 3% in both 2011/12 and 2012/13. These funds help the Temple meet its annual operating budget. The larger the endowment, the more the Temple can draw on to support targeted programs, help keep memberships affordable, and perform important maintenance projects.

Unrestricted Funds

In 2007, Temple Aliyah launched a successful community campaign to raise a permanent endowment to ensure the Temple’s vitality through our lifetime and for future generations. Our current unrestricted Endowment funds are invested in the Jewish Community Endowment Pool, LLP (JCEP) which is managed by professional investment advisors. The Board of Trustees may use distributed income in any way it deems appropriate, just as it now determines how to utilize dues and current gifts.

Our goal is to grow our Fund to approximately $3 million. To help realize this goal, the Funds and Endowment Committee is planning a major bequest campaign to increase donations to the Fund. This will include sponsoring programs to educate the community about planned giving opportunities. Our hope is for every TA family to name the Endowment Fund as a designated charity in their estate plans. 

Restricted Funds

A number of Temple members and their families have set up restricted endowment funds for the benefit of the Temple Aliyah community.  These funds are designated by the donors to be used for specific purposes with the income used for this purpose and the principle preserved. Restricted endowment funds may be named in someone’s honor or memory with a minimum $36,000 donation.

To learn more about how you can contribute to Temple Aliyah's Endowment Funds, contact David Levy or Heydon Traub, Co-Chairs of the Temple Aliyah Endowment.


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Did you know that Temple Aliyah is a member of Mayyim Hayyim, a beautiful mikveh in Newton? Did you know this entitles a limited number of congregants to a free immersion gift certificate? To learn more about the benefits and reasons behind an immersion, please visit the Mayyim Hayyim website. To schedule an immersion 1) request your immersion appointment online  2) wait 24 hours for a response, 3) show up at the designated time, and 4) let them know you are a member of Temple Aliyah.

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