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High Holiday Service Volunteers 5780

Our High Holiday services could not have been as successful as they were without the participation of those in our community. We are blessed to have so many members of our congregation who possess these wonderful skills and shared them with us in order to enrich our spiritual experience. We thank and offer a hearty Yasher Koach to all of them.

If you would like to participate in any of these roles next year, please let us know.

Here is our main iinformation page for the High Holidays 5780.

Honor Day Service Member
Torah reader First Day of Rosh Hashanah First Arnie Harris
    Second Judy Mendel
    Third Peter Krupp
    Fourth Rebecca Park
    Fifth Martin Sklar
    Maftir Amy Bard
  Second Day of Rosh Hashanah First Bruce Berns
    Second Robin Metzger
    Third Jessica Weiss
    Fourth Ali Haber
    Fifth Lori Resnick
    Maftir Sydna Weinstein
  Yom Kippur Day First Richard Curtis
    Second Lawrence Denenberg
    Third Merav Kaufman
    Fourth Karen Farbman
    Fifth Tessa Rowin
    Sixth Alison Phillips
    Maftir David Lintz
  Mincha of Yom Kippur First Bailey Basson
    Second Zachary Brown
    Maftir Joseph Nickerson
Haftarah Rosh Hashanah Day 1   Bina Carr
  Rosh Hashanah Day 2   Gordon Piper
  Yom Kippur Day   Aliza Cooperman
  Yom Kippur Afternoon   Jonathan Farbman
  Mincha of Yom Kippur   Ayla Denenberg
  Mincha of Yom Kippur   Rebecca Schwartz
  Mincha of Yom Kippur   Naomi Carr-Gloth
  Mincha of Yom Kippur   Jacob Carr-Gloth
Daven Erev Rosh Hashanah Minchah Gary Glazer
  Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Pesukei Dezimrah David Farbman
    Shaharit 1 Neil Ram
    Shaharit 2 Anne Glanz
  Rosh Hashanah Afternoon Minchah Rabbi Jezer
  Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Pesukei Dezimrah Don Frankel
    Shaharit 1 Gil Brodsky
    Shaharit 2 Aviva Jezer
  Erev Yom Kippur Minchah Keith Lewinstein
  Yom Kippur Day Pesukei Dezimrah Glenn Levine
    Shaharit 1 Gil Brodsky
    Shaharit 2 Anne Glanz
  Yom Kippur Afternoon Minchah Jill Jacobs
Gabbai Rishon Rosh Hashanah Day 1   Glenn Levine
  Rosh Hashanah Day 2   David Farbman
  Yom Kippur Day   Jeff Liberman
  Yom Kippur Afternoon   David Lintz
Gabbai Sheni Rosh Hashanah Day 1   Debra Silberberg
  Rosh Hashanah Day 2   Keith Lewinstein
  Yom Kippur Day   Arnie Harris
  Yom Kippur Afternoon   Alisa Levine
Baal Tekiah Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Shofar Service Harvey Tabachnick
    Malchuyot Eric Schwartz
    Zichronot Robert Brenner
    Shofarot David Lintz
  Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Shofar Service Harvey Tabachnick
    Malchuyot Eric Schwartz
    Zichronot Rob Brenner
    Shofarot David Lintz
Avodah Service Reader Yom Kippur Day   Ken Goodman
      Suzanne Brand
      Eitan Bloostein
      Susan Kams
Martyrology Service Reader     Ari Shniderson
      Olivia Rosengard
      Evie Weinstein-Park
      Evan Gold
Past Presidents Procession Erev Yom Kippur   Gil Brodsky
Kesher Appeal Yom Kippur Day   Karen Shapiro
Israel Bonds Appeal Yom Kippur Day   David Eisenberg


Wednesday, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780