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Kabbalat Shabbat Melodies at Temple Aliyah

Kabbalat Shabbat - The Melodies of Friday Night

In December 2010, many of our congregants attended a number of sessions to record the melodies we sing on Erev Shabbat during Kabbalat Shabbat services at Temple Aliyah. Each group recorded separately from the others, and Cantor G put all the voices together. Very "hamish" and all ours!  We hope you will join us for Kabbalat Shabbat on the first Shabbat of each month and learn these tunes with us. 

Click on the song titles below to play them individually or click here to download to your own computer a zip file of all the songs.

Yedid Nefesh Listen 
Lechu Neranena Listen 
Or Zarua Listen 
Mizmor Shiru Ladonai Listen 
Mizmor L'David Listen 
Lecha Dodi (Carlebach) Listen 
Lecha Dodi (Traditional) Listen 
Lecha Dodi (Kol Haneshama) Listen 
Mizmor Shir Listen 
Tov Lehodot Listen 
Tzadik Katamar Listen 
Barchu Listen 
Ahavat Olam Listen 
Ki Hem Chayeinu Listen 
Shema Listen 
Mi Chamocha Listen 
Veshamru Listen 
Elohai Netzor Listen
Vayechulu Listen 
Yigdal Listen
Wednesday, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780