Adult Education at Temple Aliyah

adult-education.jpg“Who is wise?  One who learns from every person,” Ben Zoma, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Ancestors). 

It is part of our mission at Temple Aliyah to encourage our members to engage in lifelong learning.  To that end, the Temple Aliyah Adult Education Committee and others within the Temple Aliyah community, including our clergy and professional staff, offer a variety of educational opportunitiers for adults, covering a vast array of topics, including explanations of prayer services, Jewish values, wise aging, raising Jewish “tweens,” the Jewishness of meditation, Islam, and much more.  We are fortunate to have a highly educated community enabling us to offer lecturers with both depth and breadth in their fields.  To serve our multi-generational and diverse congregation, we offer classes during the day and at night, on weekdays and on weekend days, as well as classes that span the entire year, last several sessions, or are single day workshops.  All classes will take place at Temple Aliyah.  Unless otherwise indicated, they are free of charge and do not require registration.

Our adult education offerings are described on the pages that can be accessed from the sidebar on the left.  We have divided our offerings into several categories:  Discovering the High Holidays and Alternative Services, Shabbat Explorations and Alternative Shabba Services, Full Year Courses, First and Second Session Offerings, and an Intersession Class.  We hope that you will find a subject matter that whets your appetite and motivates you to join in the life long learning opportunities at Temple Aliyah!  

You also can check the Temple Aliyah Calendar or the Adult Education calendar below for upcoming Adult Education programs.    Changes ot scheduled programs and new programs may become available throughout the year, so check back regularly and watch for announcements in [email protected]  

We hope that you will partake in one or more of our rich course offerings this year, giving you new perspectives on your Jewish identity and enriching your Jewish life.  Perhaps by doing so, we can each follow the precept of Ben Zoma and become a little wiser by learning from every person.



Aviva Jezer and Carol Kotler