Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Temple Aliyah

Synagogue Administrator Sharon Solomon is our bar/bat mitzvah specialist, working with parents to help make this very special time as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Sharon schedules all the necessary bar/bat mitzvah appointments with Cantor Linda Sue Sohn who is our b'nai mitzvah tutor.

Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah is a significant milestone for a young Jewish man or woman, his or her family, and the entire Jewish community.  It is our fondest hope that this event will be a joyous, meaningful and memorable one for you. The synagogue prepares a general information packet for parents which seeks to answer many of the questions associated with the bar/bat mitzvah celebration as well as to familiarize you with the ritual practices of Temple Aliyah and the use of our facilities. Included among these materials is a current list of Temple officers and committee chairpersons, approved Kosher caterers, and other items of interest. Information about the distribution of aliyot and honors is also included. 

As your simcha approaches, Sharon will be in touch with you to orient you to the process and to address your questions. We in the Temple Aliyah administration – lay and professional leaders alike – are ready, willing and able to assist you; you need only ask. For more information about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, please call 781-444-8522 or send an e-mail to Sharon. 

Related Resources

Mitzvah Centerpiece booklet

Mitzvah centerpieces may be used in lieu of other more expensive table centerpieces, such as flowers, to decorate tables at your special simcha. These centerpieces often contain goods (e.g., food pantry items, animal shelter necessities) that are then donated after your event to the charity of your choice. They demonstrate your awareness and commitment to social justice issues, decorate your tables, AND help others. The Social Action committee has developed a resource to provide information on what “mitzvah centerpieces” are, why people choose them, and how one can begin and execute the process. 

Donating Leftover Food

If you have leftover food and/or paper products from your simcha, and you are interested in donating them for immediate use by our hungry and homeless neighbors in the Boston area, please consider donating to Bristol Lodge Soup Kitchen. Large quantities of food (i.e., food that will feed at least 15-20 people) will be picked up by Bristol Lodge staff; otherwise, leftovers may be dropped off at their facility in Waltham. Please find all the details on the flyer in the temple kitchen or download the information here.