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Day Schools and Continuing Jewish Education

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An increasing number of families at Temple Aliyah are sending their children to local Jewish day schools for their Jewish education. Many children from our member families are currently enrolled at the Solomon Schechter Day School in Newton, the Rashi School, the Jewish Community Day School, and Gann Academy.

Many members of the congregation are active in the leadership of both Temple Aliyah and their children's day school. Rabbi Perkins also maintains close ties to those schools and occasionally teaches at their facilities.

While these students pursue their formal Jewish education outside the Temple Aliyah classrooms, we make every effort to integrate them into active congregational life. Many of these students regularly attend Shabbat and Yom Tov services with their families, and their advanced learning enables them to serve as models for active participation in both youth services and adult services. These students are also encouraged to participate in TA social activities for their respective ages, including the Purim carnival and Hanukkah party, as well as our youth activities, including Y@TA, Kadima and USY. In preparation for the bar/bat mitzvah year, a series of community education programs is offered, at which both Mercaz Aliyah (religious school) students and day school students and their parents participate together.

For further information about any of these schools, please check out their web sites by clicking below:


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