Our Curriculum and Staff

Our Curriculum

Our integrated curriculum brings together creative play, music and art, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, language, literacy, math and science, all grounded in Jewish values.  Play allows the child to develop a positive sense of self and others, to grow as a curious learner, and to successfully negotiate the world around them.  We use the Massachusetts Department of Education Frameworks and Standards for Curriculum as the base of our secular curriculum.  Our fully integrated Judaic curriculum revolves around the holidays we celebrate together throughout the school year.

Our Staff

We are very excited to have a team of outstanding classroom teachers for both our Purple/Toddler and Green/Preschool classes.   As early childhood professionals, each one of our teachers has a love of children and expertise in child development.  They work with each child to provide experiences and opportunities that foster curiosity and exploration, and that develop every child's unique talents.  We recognize that a highly-qualified and well-trained staff are among the primary factors which contribute to an excellent and high-quality educational program.   Ongoing training is a requirement of our Massachusetts licensing agency, and is central to our program.  Our goal is to exceed the minimum number of professional development hours per year.  



debbi_fendell.jpgDebbi Fendell, Director of Early Childhood Education

Debbi Fendell is the Director of Early Childhood  Education at Temple Aliyah, and oversees all aspects of the preschool program.  In addition, she works closely with the Temple Tots group within Temple Aliyah, and collaborates closely with the Director of the Religious School to coordinate programming with the youngest grades (Kindergarten and First) as well, as a natural transition for children in the preschool to enter into our Mercaz Aliyah religious school.   

Debbi has been involved with our Gan Aliyah Preschool since before its opening, and has served in several roles for us already.  Before we officially opened, Debbi served as our consultant to help us through the rigorous licensing process.  She advised us and helped us create all of the policies, procedures and forms which are currently in use at the preschool. After attending the licensing visit, she agreed to become the Interim Director of Gan Aliyah for the first two months of its existence to help us get the inaugural school year started without a hitch.    

Debbi has had an extensive career in the Early Childhood Education field which includes experience teaching as well as directing in various programs.  She spent 6 years in a local Jewish preschool as the Assistant Director/Director of Admissions and is very familiar with the process of seamlessly integrating the Judaic and secular curricula at the preschool level.   Debbi is passionate about the importance of Early Childhood Education, and looks forward to supporting our well-educated and experienced staff as they create a rich Judaic as well as secular curriculum at Gan Aliyah.  She is especially excited because she feels that she has 'come home' to Temple Aliyah.

Debbi has three grown children and two young granddaughters whom she wishes lived in the area so that they could attend Gan Aliyah!

Debbi can be reached at (781) 444-8522 or by email.


    Jenifer Adelman, PreK

Jenifer Adelman feels that coming to teach at Gan is like coming home, coming full circle for her. Jenifer’s education background includes studying at Parsons School of Design as well as at Mills College from which she has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and Bank Street College of Education where she studied special education, all in NYC.
She has taught nursery school in both therapeutic and traditional settings.
Jenifer has owned a bookstore in NYC as well.  There, she developed and contributed largely to the children's selection and workshops. It was during those years she realized the importance of literacy and helping parents choose the right books for their children. Early literacy is so important to Jenifer that she ran a business for 10 years which not only brought quality children's books into the homes of hundreds of families, it also afforded her the opportunity to talk to parents and caregivers about the importance of reading daily at home to their children and helped guide them to choose appropriate books for their child.
Jenifer taught with a teaching partner for 12 years at the Wellesley cooperative nursery school in South Natick, working together to creatively develop curriculum. For five of those years she ran the music and movement program for three to five year olds.
For the 15 years prior to coming to Gan Aliyah, Jenifer helped start, develop and create the before- and after-school program for the town of Natick.  In this role she developed programming, supervised staff and oversaw enrichment for up to 60 students.
After retiring from the town she wasn't quite ready to stop working entirely, so she happily joined the amazing staff at Gan Aliyah in 2015 to continue to play, explore and help expand the program.
Jenifer believes that the best education comes from a child's learning through exploration of play!
Her goal at Gan Aliyah is to provide the children with the gift of time and the tools to explore and create in order to challenge and spark their curiosity to learn.
Jenifer grew up in Natick and is married to her husband Richard. They have raised five children and currently have eleven grandchildren. They are a family that loves to play and explore!

francesca.jpgFrancesca Bardsley, Preschool

Francesca is so pleased to join the stellar staff at Gan Aliyah. Presently, she is continuing her education at Massachusetts Bay Community College after having studied at Bridgewater State College. For the past fifteen years, she has been working with children. Francesca was on the staff of the Wellesley Co-Op Nursery School as well as the Tobin School, both in South Natick. She participated in the development and implementation of the Early Risers Program at Johnson Elementary in Natick as well as A.S.A.P ( After School Activities Program ) at Kennedy Middle School in Natick. As the Supervisor of both programs, she and her staff worked closely with both the faculty and families, to ensure that each child benefited from proper educational instruction and attention during school hours and after. She served in this capacity for six years, until she started her family. Francesca was fortunate to have the option to be a stay-at-home mother to her first child, Lydia. This afforded her the opportunity to continue her work with children as a nanny for two families. Over the past four years, she has cared for six children, helping to prepare them emotionally and intellectually for the classroom. She found this work to be extremely satisfying and it also enabled her to spend time with her daughter. Francesca's son Jax was born in December, and she has thoroughly enjoyed her time at home caring for him. Recently, the educator in her began to feel the pull of the classroom again. Francesca is thrilled to be back working in a school setting, with Gan Aliyah's much respected curriculum. "I cannot wait for the first day of school when I will meet the children who will fill my room at Gan Aliyah. I look forward to an outstanding year of enthusiastic learning and growth--and much fun!"

Jaclyn Morse, Toddlers

Jaclyn Morse always knew she wanted to work with young children, and joined Gan Aliyah Preschool in 2014 with experience teaching and creating curriculum for toddlers and preschoolers.  Jaclyn received her degree in Early Childhood Education from the School of Human Development and Family Studies at UCONN.  She went on to earn her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education at Lesley College, for children with and without disabilities.   In 2008, Jaclyn was hired as a Kindergarten Assistant at Solomon Schechter Day School, mentored by a much-admired veteran teacher, Judi Rappaport.  “The youngest students are my favorite--their curiosity and willingness to learn about everything around them, their enthusiasm for new ideas, and their excitement to share it all with you!”  She gained additional field experience in Special Education in elementary schools in Newton and Sharon.  Jaclyn was most recently a Toddler Teacher and developed curriculum for all toddler classes at The Children’s Workshop in Norwood.  

 At Gan Aliyah, she looks forward to welcoming her students as they begin their preschool experience, and nurturing them from one level to the next.  She wants each child to have a positive experience at school every day, whether interacting with other children, learning the letters in their name, or being proud of washing their hands. Jaclyn has enjoyed the continuity of working with families whom she met at preschool, and has stayed connected to them in successive schools. Jaclyn has extensive experience with team teaching, and the dynamic learning environment it creates for the children and the teachers. “I want to ensure that families feel confident when they entrust their children with us, that they will be safe and have fun in a loving environment.”   Jaclyn lives in Walpole with her husband Dave and daughter Madison.


 Lisa Weiner, Preschool

Lisa Weiner joined Gan Aliyah Preschool in 2014 with great enthusiasm for building and growing our program at Temple Aliyah. She had previously been a lead teacher for 17 years at the Hertz Nursery School at Temple Israel in Sharon.  Lisa’s experience includes direct teaching, secular and Jewish curriculum planning, and after-school enrichment program planning and teaching. Lisa holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from UMASS, and always knew she wanted to teach young children.  Lisa describes her love for teaching this way:  “Studies have shown that the greatest amount of learning happens between the ages of 0 -5years.  Children absorb everything they are exposed to early in their lives.  Whether using music, art, or play to create a love of learning from a very young age—the joy of these experiences will stay with them throughout their lives.”  She adds: “Preschoolers are learning how to maneuver in their environment, how to socialize, and how to interact with each other.  They are acquiring a whole new set of skills in becoming part of a community." 

One of Lisa’s primary goals for Gan Aliyah Preschool’s preschoolers is to ensure they are welcomed into a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment.  She emphasizes: “Appreciating and recognizing each child unique timetable is key. Children absorb these skills when THEY are ready – and no two children are alike in this area.” She believes it is vital for parents feel confident that their children will be nurtured and treated as individuals, and know that their child will have the very best experience in their first school environment.  Parent-teacher communication is vital to a successful school experience —both at drop off and pick up, by phone or email.  Lisa welcomes parent concerns of any kind, and loves to hear from, and share with, parents about their child’s everyday progress.  Lisa grew up in Lowell, MA and has been living on the South Shore and married to Michael for 32 years.  She has two children--Daniel and Rachel.

Tayech Workalemahu, Toddlers

My name is Tayech Workalemahu, and I am a teacher in the Purple Room. I grew up in Ethiopia and lived in Israel for 12 years. I live with my 12 year old son Nahum in Newton, which has been our home town for the past 12 years. When I am not in the Purple Room I enjoy being outdoors and spend my free time gardening, cooking, knitting and reading. 

I love teaching in the toddler classroom. The rate of their language acquisition at this age always amazes me. I am committed to providing your children with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning. I believe play is a toddler’s most important work, and I strive to create and maintain an environment where your child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them. I also believe every child should be valued and treated with respect. 

I have had the privilege of being part of Gan Aliyah since 2015 after spending over 10 years teaching at the JCC and Schechter preschools. I am also fortunate and blessed to be co-teaching alongside our other amazing teachers at Gan Aliyah.