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Mercaz Aliyah (K-7 Education)

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During the physical shutdown of the Temple during the Coronavirus crisis, Mercaz Aliyah is still operating, with curriculum materials being distributed online and classes being run via Zoom.
Please click here to go to the temporary web site for curriculum materials.
… and click here for a  schedule of classes via Zoom.


Mission Statement

 At  Mercaz Aliyah we strive  to make Jewish education a joyful experience that provides meaningful academic experiences while building community and fostering a love of Jewish living and learning. Our positive, inclusive, and creative environment encourages students to explore a wide variety of Jewish topics within the framework of Conservative Judaism. At Mercaz Aliyah we believe that we all share the responsibility for transmitting Jewish traditions and values to our children so that they become active participants in all aspects of Jewish life.  We strive to create a next generation of life-long learners who are eager to remain connected to their synagogue, their community, Israel and Jews throughout the world. 

We strive to meet the educational needs of each student at every grade level while remaining responsive to the busy lives of parents and families.


Choose  your own schedule

Mercaz Aliyah will be open on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.  On weekday afternoons, we will offer transportation for students in Needham Public Schools for an additional fee.  Click here to see the daily schedules.

Students in grades 2-7 are expected to attend 4 hours of CORE classes per week: 2 hours on Sunday mornings and 2 hours on a weekday afternoon, Monday or Thursday - your choice!  CORE classes are offered by grade level.

In addition, Mercaz Aliyah will offer CHUG add on options that provide exciting Jewish themed enrichment as a companion to our CORE religious school programming.

CHUG (optional/additional) companion hours to our CORE program, allow students to enhance their Jewish Education through enrichment classes and activities.  CHUG classes are designed to reach a wide level of interests through advanced Jewish students, Hebrew reading groups, Judaic arts, cooking, youth activities, Hebrew through movement and games, Jewish social skill building and supervised lounge time.  CHUG offerings may include students at multi-grade levels and all will be carefully designed to support the interests and goals of all participants.

Weekday CHUG classes are organized as follows:

Grade K/1 NEW Kindergarten After School at TA Needham or KATAN offers an exciting alternative for parents seeking childcare on Thursday afternoons until 5:45 p.m.  Bus transportation will be provided for Needham Public School students.  Students will receive a warm welcome and healthy snack upon arrival.  KATAN staff members will also gently introduce students to Hebrew through movement and active games.

Grades 2-5 students may choose to add CHUG hours on the opposite weekday of their elected CORE afternoon (meaning CHUG option on Mondays for those taking CORE classes on Thursdays and CHUG option on Thursdays for those taking CORE classes on Mondays.)  Weekday CHUG will include reading support, Jewish social skills, Hebrew through movement and other media as well as homework help.  This offering too provides an exciting alternative for parents seeking a warm safe place for their elementary school schildren until 5:45 p.m.

Grade 6-7 students enrolled in CORE courses on Monday afternoons (2:50-4:45 p.m.)may stay an additional CHUG hour (4:45-5:45)which will consist of supervised time in the Youth Lounge.  This CHUG hour offers a real convenience for tose with elementary aged siblings as well as parent needing a later pickup time.  On Thursday afternoons, we will offer an early CHUG hour of Advanced Jewish Studies (2:50-3:45).  CORE hours on Thursdays will be held later that afternoon from 3:45-4:45.  This offering too is designed for parents' convenience.

Family Involvement

At its core, Jewish learning is a family endeavor.  The material and experiences that your child encounters within the classroom are only one piece of their Jewish education.  Your involvement in Temple Aliyah, your participation in religious services and your family’s home based Jewish experiences are critical to your child’s education.   We all share the responsibility for transmitting Jewish traditions and values to our children, and we look forward to partnering with you throughout the year.  We encourage you to volunteer in the school, to be part of a Temple Aliyah committee and to join us for programming and religious services. 


Ready to enroll?

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Interested in Contacting our Director?

Please contact our Director of Education, Alisa Levine, at (781) 444-8522.

Zoom Classes - Schedule and Links

Session 1: 9:30 - 10:30 Grades K-5
To begin, click here for Tefilah with Cantor Gloth and Morah Lee
Then at 9:45: Students in grades K-3 stay in place with Morah Lee & Morah Rina
Students in grades 4 & 5 click here to join Morah Wilma's class

Session 2: 10:45-11:45 Grades 6 & 7
To join class with Eitan & David click here.

Session 1:  2:30 - 3:30 Grades 6 & 7
Click here to join the class at 2:30 

Session 2:  3:45 - 4:45 Grades K-5
Students in grades K-3: click here at 3:45-4:45

STUDENTS in grades 4 & 5:
click here at 3:45-4:25 for grade 4 - 5 Hebrew class with Morah Wilma
Then click here at 4:30 to join the rest of the group

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