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Mercaz Aliyah (K-7 Education)

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Now Accepting Registrations for 2020-2021!

This year we are offering a hybrid model with opportunities to either attend class totally virtually or a combination of in-person and virtual classes.  Sundays are in-person, Mondays and Thursdays are totally virtual.


Mission Statement

 At  Mercaz Aliyah we strive  to make Jewish education a joyful experience that provides meaningful academic experiences while building community and fostering a love of Jewish living and learning. Our positive, inclusive, and creative environment encourages students to explore a wide variety of Jewish topics within the framework of Conservative Judaism. At Mercaz Aliyah we believe that we all share the responsibility for transmitting Jewish traditions and values to our children so that they become active participants in all aspects of Jewish life.  We strive to create a next generation of life-long learners who are eager to remain connected to their synagogue, their community, Israel and Jews throughout the world. 

We strive to meet the educational needs of each student at every grade level while remaining responsive to the busy lives of parents and families.


Family Involvement

At its core, Jewish learning is a family endeavor.  The material and experiences that your child encounters within the classroom are only one piece of their Jewish education.  Your involvement in Temple Aliyah, your participation in religious services and your family’s home based Jewish experiences are critical to your child’s education.   We all share the responsibility for transmitting Jewish traditions and values to our children, and we look forward to partnering with you throughout the year.  We encourage you to volunteer in the school, to be part of a Temple Aliyah committee and to join us for programming and religious services. 


On-line Resources

This website created by our own Morah Wilma Poyser is full of resources used by our teachers and students alike.  Here you can find Annay Milim literally clouds of Hebrew words that teachers and staff will be using during the year.  You can also find the project about Hope that the 2019/2020 Grade 4/5 students created last year that Morah Wilma put in video form.

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Interested in Contacting our Director?

Please contact our Director Congregational Learning and Engagement, at (781) 444-8522.

Wednesday, April 14 2021 2 Iyyar 5781