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Participant Reflections

Temple Aliyah is very fortunate to have so many caring, committed families and individuals who give their time and energy within and beyond our community. The Temple Aliyah Social Action Committee, along with other groups, organize various opportunities for volunteerism and we have collected some of the reflections we have have received from participants.

Monthly play dates with Walker School residents

"The kids seemed thrilled to see us and were very talkative while they decorated their pumpkins. When we said good bye, even though they never saw me before, I got hugs from a couple of the little girls which speaks to how much they need positive feedback and attention. I will be back!"
Pam Glass

Serving food to the homeless at the Woods Mullen or Long Island Shelter

"My experience serving food at Woods Mullen Shelter was quite rewarding. I was a little nervous going to the shelter alone, so I received a ride with another Temple Aliyah family. A total of 4 adults and 4 children, we worked together as a team as we helped to serve food, which had already been prepared by the shelter. During this time, I got a chance to interact with one of the beneficiaries of the shelter and get a glimpse of her life and how she is getting help to better herself; It is quite rare that we see the people who benefit from these services and understand their lives. Thank you Social Action for making this opportunity possible."
Sharon Levy

"As with the last time we did this, it was a wonderfully gratifying experience for the 4 of us to serve food at the Long Island Shelter ... and always fun when we serve with your family Judy (Lee)!"
Steve Markman 

Sorting donations at the Greater Boston Food Bank

"Working along side other TA members as well as volunteers from other groups at the Greater Boston Food Bank is fun and rewarding. It is very refreshing to see all the food that is donated by local supermarkets, which would be otherwise thrown away and it is simply amazing how many families we can help feed by sorting these donations for just a few hours."
Jeff Megar

Please share your own story of social action with the Social Action Committee co-chairs.

Tuesday, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782