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Every so often we publicize fun facts, esoterica, factoids, trivia, whatever you'd like to call it, about Temple Aliyah. These are posted on our home page, announced on Shabbat at the end of services, included in our [email protected] email, and posted to this page.

Here are some of the "Did you know that" facts that have been posted recently:

  • ... more than 30 adults at Temple Aliyah have participated in one of the five past Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes? If you are interested in becoming an adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please contact Rabbi Perkins.
  • ... in its 15 year history, Team Aliyah Israel Riders have peddled half a million miles in support of the peace and environmental initiatives of the Arava Instutute. It is too late to join the 2018 trip but not too late to cheer them on!  If you have questions about the ride, contact 2018 Captains Hal Bryer ([email protected])  or Stephen Baum ([email protected]) or Ride Vice Chair David Eisenberg ([email protected]).
  • ... how many books are in the Rabbi’s Office library at the synagogue? If you guessed 1,223 you would be correct! What would you add to your own home library to round it out Jewishly? Here are some suggested books you might want to consider.
  • on average Temple Aliyah collects 270 cans of soup and 340 boxes of raisins per year for Jewish Family & Children’s Service's Family Table? Temple Aliyah is committed to 40 cans of soup and 40 boxes of raisins per month. Please continue to bring cans and boxes to the synagogue, as the need is great! JF&CS is always looking for drivers on distribution days. Here is a link for more information:  http://www.jfcsboston.org/ Volunteer/Volunteering-at-JF- CS
  • … there are 95 member families that have been members of Temple Aliyah for 25 years or more!
  • … the most popular adult first name of Temple Aliyah members is David? If you happen to be a Deb, Debra or Debby, you have the second most popular name. The Kehillah Committee wishes to encourage each of you to always introduce yourself to other members, no matter what your name is.
  • … just about all of Rabbi Perkins' sermons over the years that he has been here are posted online on the TA web site? You can see the texts of both Shabbat sermons and High Holiday Sermons. In addition, the text of many of the Rabbi's Adult Ed courses are also available. Not only that, but many of the sermons and courses have audio files as well, so that you can listen to them on your computer or smart phone! (Just look for the little speaker icon to determine which have audio files.) Not only that, but the texts of divrei Torah given by guest speakers (both lay congregants and guest clergy) are also online! This is a fantastic resource for anyone to enjoy and learn.
  • … when Temple Aliyah's Hesed Committee puts out a call to help a congregant in need, almost 100 volunteers receive an email and are ready to help? If you are not receiving the email and would like to help too, please contact Bari Popkin or Robin Cohen.
  • … every month about $150 is collected in the minyan pushke (tzedakah box)? The funds are donated to TA’s Kesher/Israel Committee, Boston’s Yad Chessed fund supporting people in financial need, Jewish Family & Children’s Service, and other area Jewish charities.


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Did you know...?

In celebration of Rabbi Perkins’ more than 25 years at Temple Aliyah, here is this week's question: Did you know that more than 30 adults at Temple Aliyah have participated in one of the five past Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes? If you are interested in becoming an adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please contact Rabbi Perkins.

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If you have a fun fact about Temple Aliyah you’d like to share with our community, please email [email protected].

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