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Celebrating Our  Netzachim (Victories) by Melissa Rudman

04/19/2021 11:33:27 AM


In Kabbalah, each of the seven weeks of the Omer-counting is associated with one of the seven lower sefirot:

1. Chesed (loving-kindness),

2. Gevurah (might),

3. Tipheret (beauty),

4. Netzach (victory),

5. Hod (acknowledgment),

6. Yesod (foundation),

7. Malchut (kingdom).

This week (half-way through!) the Kabbalistic theme is Netzach or victory. When we think of the word victory it is often understood as meaning a triumph over someone else. But what if we looked at it as a win for a personal struggle or challenge? How often do we take the time to reflect on our own personal victories? We are quick to judge ourselves for not being the best, but what about recognizing the small wins we have achieved along the way?

Over the last year we have all had to readjust our way of life. Take a moment and think about the small victories you have had over this challenging  year. Did you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone? For me, I have always struggled with my exercise routine. Feeling the stress from COVID I decided to commit to working out. Something I normally do not enjoy. I am proud to say I have worked out for 45 weeks in a row. That may not seem like a big deal to some but for me it is a first and a huge victory. 

Now take a deep breath and allow yourself to think about your victories this past year. How did you overcome obstacles that may have been in your way? Embrace your success and celebrate your dedication to victory. 



Saturday, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781