God and Politics in Esther

February 21, 2023    
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Explore the megillah of Esther based on the masterful
analysis of scholar Yoram Hazony. No preparation is needed, just bring a copy of
Esther (please call the office if you need a copy) and we will walk through
Hazony’s unique reading.

“Conventional wisdom tells us that religion and politics don’t mix. If you’re of this
opinion, philosopher Yoram Hazony would like a word with you. In God and
Politics in Esther, he makes the case that statecraft is soulcraft….The story of
Esther, with its king and queen, hero and villains, is more than just a nail-biting
biblical drama. It is a cipher for understanding how the rough -and-tumble world
of politics can give rise to the miraculous.” (Review by Gregory Alan Thornbury)

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