Special Congregational Meeting to Approve Rabbi Allison Poirier’s Contract

Special Congregational Meeting to Approve Rabbi Allison Poirier’s Contract

January 30, 2024    
8:00 pm
Fellow Members of Temple Aliyah:

We cordially invite you to a Special Congregational Meeting on Tuesday, January 30 starting at 8 pm (after minyan). The purpose of this meeting is to seek congregational approval of the employment contract of Rabbi Allison Poirier, which is required by the synagogue Constitution for the contract to become effective. As some of our congregants spend their winters in warmer climates, the Board of Trustees has authorized the use of proxy voting by all synagogue members at the Special Meeting, as permitted by the Constitution. You may vote by proxy whether you are local or not, although we would much prefer to see you in person.

The Board, as well as members who have met Rabbi Poirier, are looking forward with great excitement to her arrival.

We generally seek approval for clergy contracts at the Annual Meeting in May. So that Rabbi Poirier can begin to explore options for moving her family to Needham, we agreed to seek congregational approval by the end of this month. The three-year contract for which we are seeking approval offers Rabbi Poirier the standard benefits package made available to all Temple Aliyah employees and four weeks of annual vacation, and it offers a loan for a second mortgage like the ones that the synagogue previously gave to Rabbi Perkins, Cantor Gloth, and Cantor Bogomolni. The Special Meeting will take about a half-hour, during which David Farbman, Chair of the Rabbinic Search Committee, will review our search process and the results of the congregational survey taken after Rabbi Poirier’s Shabbat weekend visit. The results of the survey are here.

If you choose to exercise your vote by proxy, you may do so by appointing as your proxies Fred Haber (Chair of the Board), Judy Lee (Recording Secretary) and David Farbman (Chair of the Rabbinic Search Committee) with the authority to vote on your behalf in the manner you direct. To vote by proxy:

Please reply to fred.haber@templealiyah.com, type at the top of your reply email “YES” or “NO” to approve or not approve the proposed contract with Rabbi Poirier, or “ABSTAIN”, and then type your name and the name(s) of any other adult in your family voting on this proxy.

(As a reminder, each adult in a member family unit is a voting member of Temple Aliyah.)

You may revoke your proxy by attending the meeting in person or by notifying Fred Haber by email fred.haber@templealiyah.com no later than 6 pm on Tuesday, January 30, that you would like to revoke your proxy.

Call for Nominations

In addition to the above, and also in accordance with the Constitution, we hereby invite nominations-by-petition of synagogue members for positions as officer, Trustee or Committee chair, effective at the May Annual Meeting. A nomination-by-petition must be signed by at least 10 synagogue members plus the nominee. Petitions received by Fred Haber at the above email address on or before March 1, 2024, will be delivered to Reva Winston, Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee may choose to include individuals nominated by petition on the slate that will be presented at the May Annual Meeting; if it does not include an individual nominated by petition on the slate, that individual will nevertheless appear on the ballot in May as a candidate for the relevant position.

Fred Haber (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Judy Lee (Recording Secretary)