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Please complete this form if you would like to make a donation to Temple Aliyah (excluding the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund- please see below*). Tribute donations may be made to honor a birthday, anniversary or special occasion; to express sympathy; to honor the memory of a loved one, or simple to say “thank you” to a teacher or a friend. See a description of our funds here. Donations of $10 or more will be acknowledged in writing unless indicated otherwise in the donation form.  

Donations by members of Temple Aliyah will be added to your Temple bill (with the exception of the Rabbi's and Cantor's Discretionary Funds).  We request that donations by non-members be paid promptly by check payable to Temple Aliyah and mailed to 1664 Central Avenue, Needham, MA 02492, Attention: Rufina. 

If you would like to purchase a Yahrzeit Plaque, please complete the order form and contact Dawn Ringel

*Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: Please complete and mail in this form if you would like to make a donation to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.  Please make checks payable to "Temple Aliyah Rabbi's Discretionary Fund."  

*Cantor's Discretionary Fund: Please complete and mail in this form if you would like to make a donation to the Cantor's Discretionary Fund.  Please make checks payable to "Temple Aliyah Cantor's Discretionary Fund."  

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Temple Aliyah Welcomes You!

Temple Aliyah is an egalitarian Conservative congregation in Needham, Massachusetts, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.  We are a dynamic and diverse community that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.  With the guidance of Rabbi Carl Perkins, we encourage our members to enrich their Jewish lives, to enhance their Jewish identities, and to engage in lifelong learning.

Join us for Shabbat services and schmooze during kiddush following services. Check out the exciting Temple Tots programming for our youngest members.  Attend the Rabbi's Adult Education classes. Participate in one of our many Social Action projects. Become a member of our Sisterhood or Men's Club.    

Not a member?  We invite your family to join our family!

Join Us

Did you know...?

In celebration of Rabbi Perkins’ more than 25 years at Temple Aliyah, here is this week's question: Did you know that more than 30 adults at Temple Aliyah have participated in one of the five past Adult Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes? If you are interested in becoming an adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please contact Rabbi Perkins.

Want to learn more fun facts about Temple Aliyah? Click here!

If you have a fun fact about Temple Aliyah you’d like to share with our community, please email [email protected].

Shabbat and Weekday Services


Shabbat Morning Services  9:15 am
Sunday Morning Minyan* 9:00 am
Monday Morning Minyan   7:00 am
Weekday Evening Minyan 7:30 pm

* During the summer, minyan meets on Monday morning, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


Under the direction of our Adult Education Committee and as part of our commitment to lifelong learning, Temple Aliyah offers a wide range of opportunities for our members and others to enrich their Jewish lives throughout education.  Click here to see all of our current Adult Education offerings.

Sisterhood welcomes all women of our community, sharing our passion for Judaism, our families and ourselves. We invite you to learn more about becoming part of our amazing community. Whether you're looking for camaraderie, spiritual connection, social action, or the opportunity to get involved, Sisterhood is here for you. Click here to see our full calendar of events for 2017-18.