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Tanakh 3 Video Project - "Holiness (Kedushah)"

The 2015-2016 Tanakh 3 class, under the guidance of Morah Sara Greenberg, created an electronic "book" coupled with an animated play to express their research and understandings of the concept of "Holiness" (Kedushah), as informed by our study of the Book of Leviticus/Sefer Vayikra.  This project, which we worked on for the greater part of the school year, was part of the Congregational Education Initiative, a collaboration between Hebrew College and CJP that fosters project-based and experiential learning 

Click here to see the video or view a PDF of the "book" for more leisurely reading. 

On behalf of the students, we hope you benefit from the lessons expressed in our work and enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it!