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High Holidays 5781

Each year, as part of our High Holiday preparation, we offer congregants the opportunity to extend New Year wishes to the congregation and/or to honor the memory of loved ones.   

Click here for last year's Greetings and click here for last year's Remembrances.  PLEASE CHECK THESE LISTINGS CAREFULLY.  ALL LISTINGS WILL APPEAR EXACTLY AS THEY DID LAST YEAR UNLESS YOU NOTIFY US OTHERWISE BY JUNE 26.  Please remember that you will be billed for your listing (with the exceptions of Remembrances with Yahrzeit plaques), so be sure to let us know if you prefer not to be listed and billed.  Greetings are billed at $20 per greeting and Remembrances are billed at $10 per listing.

If you wish to add, delete, or change a listing, please fill out the form below.  We must receive this by June 26. If there are no changes to your listings, you do not need to submit the form. Any questions, please call the office at 781-444-8522 or email Marie at


Click here to view a copy of last year's Greetings (beginning on page 20) and here to view a copy of last year's Remembrances (beginning on page 5). Please check these listings carefully. ALL LISTINGS WILL APPEAR EXACTLY AS PRINTED LAST YEAR UNLESS WE ARE NOTIFIED OTHERWISE BY JUNE 26th. 
Please have our family greeting appear as follows:
Cost: $20
Please add the following Remembrances:
We will put all of the names in a single listing, with the single "Remembered by" for all of them.

If you have more than 3 names to add, please list them in the Notes section below.

Please remember that the cost is $10 for each of your listings in the Remembrances booklet, not just any new additions. There is no charge for listings with memorial plaques.
Please delete the following Remembrance listings:
Note: The High Holiday booklet editors maintain the right to make minor stylistic edits to your listings, in order to conform to our standards. If there are any issues with your listings, we will contact you first.


Sunday, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780