Passover 2017

Pesach is celebrated this year from Monday evening, April 10th through Tuesday evening, April 18th, with the sedarim being held Monday and Tuesday evenings, April 10th and 11th.

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*  take a look at Our Passover Guide

*  consider purchasing Fair Trade Kosher-for-Passover chocolate

*  sell your hametz

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Please click here for a complete guide to help you to prepare your home for the Passover holiday! We suggest that you print this guide to have on hand for easy reference as you prepare for the holiday.  Please note that at the end of the guide is a note written by Rabbi Perkins regarding the recent development in Conservative Jewish practice involving the eating of kitniyot (rice, millet, corn, beans, peas, etc.) on Passover.  



Looking to buy some kosher for Passover chocolate this year? Consider buying your chocolate through Equal Exchange (endorsed by T'ruah and Fair Trade Judaica) to support fair trade chocolate.  Much of the world's cocoa is still produced in areas that use child labor. Especially on Passover, making ethical consumer choices is particularly meaningful as we celebrate our freedom from oppression. The chocolate does not contain any soy products and is also vegan and gluten free. To purchase, go here.  




MECHIRAT HAMETZ (the Selling of Hametz)

This year, hametz may be sold up to 9 am on Monday morning, April 10th. Click here for a hametz sale form. Complete and return the form to the synagogue office by that time. (The picture on the left gives you some idea what hametz looks like!)










Siyyum Ha-B'chorim

Monday, April 10

Includes Burning of the Hametz. Join us for a nosh and the last bites of Hametz before the seder!

First Seder (Note: no evening minyan)

6:45 am

First Day Passover

Tuesday, April 11

Yom Tov Shacharit and Tefillat Tal (The Prayer for Dew)
Rabbi Perkins will speak on: How This Passover Is Different from All Others -- at least according to some contemporary thinkers.

Second Seder (Note: no evening minyan)

9:00 am

Second Day Passover

Wednesday, April 12

Yom Tov Shacharit

9:00 am

Shabbat Hol Hamoed Pesach

Saturday, April 15

Shacharit with Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)

9:00 am

Seventh Day Passover

Monday, April 17

Yom Tov Shacharit

The Song of the Sea is recited.

9:00 am

Eighth Day Passover

Tuesday, April 18

Yom Tov Shacharit

Yizkor is recited.

Holiday ends at 8:11 pm on Tuesday evening, April 18.

9:00 am