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Shabbat Shalom


April 22, 2017 - 26 Nisan 5777

Parashat Shemini

M’varchim Hodesh Iyar


Celebrating the Upcoming Marriage of

Miriam Ledley to Andrew Franks


The Torah portion for today, Shemini, is taken from Leviticus. It can be found in the Etz Hayim Humash, beginning on page 630.


Aliyah                  Chap:verse Torah Reader

First                      9:1-6 Howard Kaufman

Second                9:7-10 Naomi Litrownik

Third                     9:11-16 Arnie Harris

Fourth                  9:17-23 Arnie Harris

Fifth                      9:24-10:3 Jevin Eagle

Sixth                   10:4-7 Rabbi Leslie Gordon

Seventh             10:8-11 Fred Ledley

Maftir                 10:8-11 Fred Ledley            


The haftarah (reading from the prophetic writings) is taken from II Samuel 6:1-7:17.  It begins on page 643 in our Humash and will be chanted by Suzanne Brand.


Kiddush this morning is sponsored by:

A donation to the Kiddush Fund was made by Tamara and

Fred Ledley and Johanna Ledley in honor of Miriam

Ledley and Andrew Franks on their upcoming wedding.


Bima flowers this morning are sponsored by:

Ina Shapiro in honor of the upcoming marriage of her

granddaughter, Miriam, to Andrew Franks.



The following yahrzeits are observed in our congregation during

the coming week:

Sol Bremmer       Father of Sydna Weinstein

Jerold Young       Father of Betsy Harris

Beatrice Glazer       Mother of Gary Glazer

Jack Slivken       Father of Karla Allan

Sol Kaufman       Father of Howard Kaufman

June Finkel       Grandmother of Amy Schulman

Stanley Shuman       Brother of Ralph Shuman

Sumner Smith       Father of Barbara Smith

Bob Richman       Husband of Elaine Richman

Ethel Sheper       Aunt of Murray Galper

Frank Burg        Father of Steven Burg

Mildred Slosberg       Mother of Barry Slosberg

Howard Michelson         Father of Susan Glazer

Abraham Rubinovitz       Father of Arthur Robbins

Larry Feldman       Father of Jodi Traub

Isaac Tarmy       Grandfather of Steven Myers

Philip Levin       Father of Karen Levin

Ruth Brown       Mother of Rosie King

Marjorie Smolin       Mother of Susan Smolin

Gerald Ponce       Brother of Helene Greenberg