Weekly Shabbat Brochure


Shabbat Shalom


December 9, 2017 - 21 Kislev 5778

Parashat Vayeshev

Shabbat B’Yachad


The Torah portion for today, Vayeshev is taken from Genesis. It can be found in the Etz Hayim Humash, beginning on page 226.


Aliyah                  Chap:verse Torah Reader

First                      38:1-5 Keith Lewinstein

Second                38:6-11 Keith Lewinstein

Third                    38:12-14 Noah Carp

Fourth                  38:15-19 David Lintz

Fifth                     38:20-23 Diane Piper

Sixth                    38:24-26 Naomi Litrownik

Seventh               38:27-30 Gordon Piper

Maftir                   38:27-30 Gordon Piper            


The haftarah (reading from the prophetic writings) is taken from Amos 2:6-3:8.  It begins on page 246 our Humash and will be chanted by Rachael Rosner.

Kiddush this morning is sponsored by:

A donation to the Kiddush fund was made by Jack Alpert in memory of his wife, Sandra Alpert.




The following yahrzeits are observed in our congregation during

the coming week:


Charlotte Kanter            Mother of Frieda Soble

Sophie Shaps                Grandmother of Susan Kams   

                                                        & Steven Weinstein

Harry Nayer                    Father of Susan Kesner

Herbert Eilberg              Father of Esta-Jean Cahn

Betty Shawulsky            Mother of Marilyn Tannenbaum

Dr. Kenneth Farbman    Father of David Farbman

Frieda Kay                       Grandmother of Fredie Kay

Harvey Seidman            Father of Amy Tercatin

Samuel Slavitter            Father-in-law of Irma Slavitter

Jean Kimmelman           Mother of Lawrence Kimmelman

Harry Crowell Jr.            Father of Sharon Fener

Shirley Siegel                 Mother of Carol Macey

Samuel Mirkin                Uncle of Linda Savenor

William Siref                   Father of Margie Brodsky

Rose Rosen                    Mother of Elaine Richman

Maurice Baruch             Father of Ruth Kaminsky

Sam Heyman                  Grandfather of Beverlie Marks

Miriam Shapiro               Mother Sara Shapiro

Ann Fried                         Mother of Debbie Krasnow

Paul Curtis                       Father of Dr. Richard Curtis

Melvin Davis                     Husband of Glenys Davis

                                                      & Brother of Stanton Davis