Sukkat Shalom News

Progress of our Sukkat Shalom Garden project.  

On the Docket for Summer 2023

Many plans are on the way for the construction and installation of our Sukkat Shalom garden and community outdoor space.  Be on the look out over the next 2 months for the:

  1. Installation of paths throughout the space.
  2. Completion of four 8′ vegetable and flower beds.
  3. Cultivation of a cover crop of peas and oats in the meadow area.
  4. Outdoor chairs, benches and other furniture purchased and placed in the various spaces.
Note: this fall we expect to start shrub and tree planting as well as some perennial plants.

Completed to Date

1.  Weeding, raking and removal of debris throughout the space.

2.  Removal of dead branches, fallen trees, dead roots and large rocks.

3.  Installation of gazebo including the cement pad base.

4.  Drainage well dug and pipe installed to divert water run-off away from the play area.

5.  Construction of flower and vegetable beds started.

6.  Seeds sourced for cover crop cultivation.

7.  Installation of underground electrical pipe and wiring.


The Gazebo is Installed!  | June 28, 2023

With great excitement we announce that after months of planning and preparation our Sukkat Shalom gazebo has been installed!  The gazebo will be the primary space for community gatherings, outdoor minyan, classes, programming, schmoozing, and more.  The space around the gazebo with extra seating will offer extra seating for larger gatherings or a spot to just relax.  Stay tuned for landscaping and planting surrounding this space, planned to begin this Fall 2023.

Peas and Oats Coming Soon | June 18, 2023

At the moment all you see in the furthermost left area of Sukkat Shalom – facing away our synagogue’s building – is a barren space with a few trees and some weeds.  There used to be a ton of weeds but thanks to many volunteers there are a lot less.  This coming fall you will see some tall oats and peas covering the area. Why oats and peas you ask?  Well these magical plants do three things:  break-up the compacted soil through their root systems; provide depleted nitrogen back to the soil; and crowd out many weeds before they emerge from dormancy.  These will then die-back over the winter leaving us with a beautifully prepared soil for planting our meadow style garden next spring.

Raised Beds for Veggies and Cut Flowers | June 11, 2023

Fresh veggies, flower bouquets, a havdallah herb garden are just some of the plans on the way for the four raised beds being installed this summer.  They will be located on the garden side of the tent.  Mercaz and Gan Aliyah will also use the beds for educational purposes.  We can’t wait to see and taste what our Temple Aliyah students will be growing!