Israel Kesher

Kesher means Connection.

In the early 2000s, a group of Temple Aliyah members established the Israel Kesher Committee to help hundreds of Argentinian families who made aliyah with few assets to their names. A short time later, Israel Kesher focused its efforts on helping survivors and families of victims of the many acts of terror occurring in Haifa. Building upon these successes, Kesher expanded its mission, developing a financial assistance program for individuals in need and small, grassroots Israeli organizations whose missions align with the values of Temple Aliyah. Since then, Kesher has fostered unique opportunities for members of the Temple Aliyah community to connect with Israel, Israeli people, and Israeli culture.

Kesher means Philanthropy.
Since its early days, Kesher has connected with and supported Israelis and Israeli communities in need by collecting and contributing funds to social impact organizations, vetted by the Committee.

Kesher means Engagement.
Kesher hosts lectures, educational series, and cultural exchange events to help our congregation engage with contemporary Israel in multiple and varied ways.

Kesher means You! Please come to Kesher events, help host an event, join the Kesher Committee, and support Kesher’s mission by making a contribution designated for Israel Kesher.

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