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In the Hebrew language the closest word to philanthropy is tzedakah. While the word is used interchangeably for charity, tzedakah is seen as a form of social justice provided by the donor as well as those who utilize the support to do their work and those who allow the support into their lives.

A mitzvah is any of the 613 commandments that Jews are obligated to observe and more generally refers to any good deed. The “mitzvah of tzedakah” is one of the most important.*

Your willingness to make a philanthropic donation permits us to continue offering a diverse array of programs and educational opportunities throughout the year.  These programs are essential to our mission of enriching our members’ Jewish lives and strengthening their Jewish identities.

Given the increased costs we face, and the growing number of members who require dues assistance, gifts of all sizes have a significant impact for us.

We are very appreciative of you considering a donation to Temple Aliyah of any amount.

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*Excerpt from “Jewish Philanthropy: The Concept of Tzedakah”