Hesed (Caring)

"The world is built with hesed."

(Psalms 89:3)

Hesed is a Hebrew word that translates simultaneously as kindness, mercy and love. At Temple Aliyah, it’s the way we express God’s caring and support through human actions. Hesed is the Jewish embodiment of helping and healing, and it takes a whole congregation. Hesed is the way we repair the world. Whether doing a mini-mitzvah or a mega-mitzvah, every member of the congregation is an ad hoc member of the Hesed Committee. It requires each and every person to help us achieve our goal of supporting and nurturing the community.

The Hesed group provides help in many meaningful ways. We contact and deliver meals to families in mourning during shiva. We provide rides for those unable to drive themselves. We help with errands. We provide apples & honey bags yearly for grieving congregants. We address loneliness by engaging isolated members in conversation and companionship through phone calls as well as joint cooking/dining events. Hesed knitters create “caring shawls” for members experiencing long-term illness. We provide TA onesies to welcome new infants to the congregation. We provide meaningful opportunities for volunteers to connect with each other, exemplified by our new Holiday Orphan program which pairs singles with hosts. 

Many hands make light work. We encourage everyone (men & women, and children of all ages, but especially preteens and teens) to join our activities:  bring a meal, provide a ride, visit the sick, make a phone call, etc. Please contact Hesed Chair, Joan Smith to join the group.

Donations to the Hesed Committee (Community Caring Fund) are greatly appreciated and help  support congregational needs.