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Click Here for the 2023-2024/5784 Adult Learning & Spiritual Practice Opportunities.

As we begin the year 5784, we are looking forward to offering a rich array of Adult Ed programs. As we enter a second transition year, with Rabbi Leslie Gordon and Cantor Jamie Gloth at the helm, educational opportunities, along with spiritual and social experiences, allow us to come together as a strong community.

Some of our educational offerings will continue on Zoom; however, we will be
expanding our in-person-only offerings as Temple Aliyah has been moving toward a return to the building to optimize our sense of community. Kiddush Conversations will be in-person as well as Livestreamed.

We will continue to offer monthly Kiddush Conversations to hear from our current and former Temple members about their personal life experiences and challenges. Rabbi Donald Splansky will continue to lead Torah on Two Feet on Shabbat mornings on a monthly basis. Rabbi Leslie Gordon will teach classes in both the Fall and Winter/Spring. Rabbi Perkins will continue to lead Daf Yomi on a weekly basis. Cantor Jamie Gloth will teach a Fall and Spring
class. We will also bring you speakers from both outside the Temple as well as Temple members to present a variety of stimulating topics. We look forward to any feedback you wish to offer. Please check  ComingUp@Aliyah and The Sunday Scoop for any program updates on dates, times, and venue.

I wish to thank the committee chairs, whose programs appear in this booklet. I also wish to extend a special thanks to Rabbi Leslie Gordon, Cantor Jamie Gloth, Rabbi Carl Perkins, Joan Perlman (Director of Congregational Learning and Engagement), Co-VPs of Education – Miriam Weshler and Dan Winograd, and the Adult Ed Committee (Ellen Moskowitz, Heidi Schwartz and Jessica Weiss), who helped compile and edit the many programs listed in this year’s
Adult Learning and Spiritual Practice Opportunities booklet.

Please feel free to browse this catalogue for educational and spiritual opportunities and attend a program or two, or many more.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and sweet 5784!

Lori Resnick, Adult Education Committee Chair

Previous Programs

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Perkins