(Registration for Shabbat programs is not required unless specifically noted below.)

Torah While Standing On Two Feet

Shabbatot, October 15, October 29, November 5, November 19, December 10, December 17, January 21, January 28, February 11, March 11, March 25, April 8, April 22, May 6, May 20, June 10, and June 24

From 9:00 - 10:00 am 

Rabbi Leslie Gordon

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The Torah is not a textbook that we study to acquire facts.  The best Torah study engages our minds, our hearts, and our sense of self.  Studying Torah digs into our past for our family stories.  It allows us to trace not just our history but also our national character and shared values.

Jump in with both feet as we study the weekly Torah portion two Shabbat mornings each month.  Come to all of the study sessions or just drop-in to an individual session!


Poses d'Zimra:  Shabbat Morning Yoga Service

Shabbatot, September 24, October 29, January 28, March 11, and May 6

From 9:00-10:00 am

Devora Rohr, Michelle Silverman Hubbard

For further information contact Devora, Temple Aliyah's Shabbat Educator, at 781-444-8522 or [email protected]

Enjoy and celebrate Shabbat in a whole new way.  This alternative service allows you to “daven with your body” using basic yoga postures, slow flowing vinyasa, selected Shabbat morning prayers, and kavannah (guiding intentions).  No prior yoga or davenning experience necessary!  This service is designed to enable you to join the main service at or before the beginning of the Torah service.


Shabbat Meditation

Shabbatot, October 22, November 12, December 3, January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, and May 6

From 9:15-10:15 am

Naomi Litrownik

For further information contact Naomi at [email protected]

Creating Sacred Space in our lives encourages us to be more fully present (Hineni) in a meaningful and peaceful way.  What better time to engage in this creative, contemplative practice than on a Shabbat morning?  This monthly meditation is open to all, regardless of experience.  Try it out and let yourself enjoy the peacefulness of Shabbat in this alternative manner.  This service is designed to enable you to join the main service at or before the beginning of the Torah service.


Shabbat D’var Torah

Each Shabbat

Rabbi Carl Perkins

Come to services each and every Shabbat to nourish your soul and stimulate your mind!  After the Torah is returned to the Ark each Shabbat, Rabbi Perkins, or an occasional guest, discusses themes from the week’s Torah portion that pertain to our every day lives.  In this uncertain time, take some time out to learn from our most sacred of texts.


Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Ancestors)

Shabbatot between Pesach and Shavuot, April 15, April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20, and May 27

From 12:15–1:30 pm (approximately)

“If I am only for myself, who am I?”  Did you ever wonder about the author of this and other famous Jewish ethical aphorisms, and where in the Talmud such sayings appear?  Grab a Kiddush lunch and join the study Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Ancestors) during the Shabbatot between the holidays of Pesach and Shavuot, and follow the ancient Jewish practice of reviewing this edifying text during this period of counting the Omer.  No prior Jewish learning or knowledge necessary -- but come prepared to share what this proverb, and others like it, might mean to you!  


Kiddush Konversations

Shabbatot, September 17, November 19, December 3, January 14, February 18, March 18, and June 10

From 12:30-1:15 (approximately)

Conversations led by members of Temple Aliyah

At Kiddush Konversations, a Temple Aliyah member draws upon his or her area of expertise to lead a conversation on a topic of his or her choosing.  These conversations provide an opportunity to explore topics beyond the standard Shabbat fare and to savor Shabbat together a little bit more.  Learn something new and join the conversation!

Shabbat, September 17 (Steve Baum, Presenter)

What do three short verses from Deuteronomy have to do with the field of Cultural Geography?  Musings from a Three Verse Torah Reader.  Using his knowledge of the fundamentals of singing, ancient books and the “hydraulic hypothesis”, Steve Baum brings to life three verses he recently read from the Torah.  Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

Shabbat, November 19  (Rabbi Donald Splansky, Presenter)

Exploring The Roots of Jewish History and The Present Day Relationship with Arabs and Muslims.  Parshat Vayera includes the story of Abraham's expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael, the father of the Islamic people.  Using this story as a springboard, Rabbi Splansky will bring his considerable knowledge and experience in the Jewish community to examine aspects of the shared history between Jews and Muslims and their present day relationship.

Shabbat, December 3 (Fredie Kay, Presenter)

Reflections On The Recent Election Cycle.  This past election season was notable and unusual for a myriad of reasons.  Join Fredie Kay as she shares with us some of her thoughts on this past election and what may be awaiting us in the future.  In this nonpartisan (Fredie promises!), post-election "conversation", we will have the opportunity and luxury to reflect on our country's approach to democracy.  Don't miss out on this "conversation," led by an experienced and thoughtful political mind.

Shabbat, January 14 (Dr. Hannah Gardener, Presenter)

Reducing toxins in your home:  How and Why.  Have you ever considered the number of toxins that may be polluting your own home environment?  Come learn about how we are inadvertently exposing ourselves to environmental toxins, affecting our own and our family’s health.  Find out how you can reduce your exposure easily and inexpensively – perhaps even at no cost!  Discover for yourself the simple and small changes that can pay great dividends for your well-being.  

Shabbat, February 18 (Alisa Levine, Presenter)  CANCELLED

The Beauty of Shabbat.  Shabbat - a holy day, a day of rest, a day of peace.  Come learn about the many meanings of Shabbat, ways to celebrate Shabbat, and how to access the beauty and joy that lies within.  Alisa will bring her stellar Jewish education and extensive experience in educating Jewish youth and families to help us think and talk about Shabbat.  Join the conversation and seek a deeper and broader understanding of Shabbat.

Shabbat, March 18 (Harvey Shapiro, Presenter)

Discovering the Haggadah’s Subtext. The Haggadah: one of the best-known and widely used texts of the Jewish people.  On its face, the seder service includes a spell-binding recitation of the Israelite’s movement from slavery to freedom, along with some of our tradition’s most highly recognized and cherished psalms, folklore, and commentaries. Hidden beneath, however, lies a whole different world.  Come to Harvey Shapiro’s Kiddush Konversation to explore the hidden messages in the Haggadah. Join the conversation and discover the text between the lines. 

Shabbat, June 10 (Rabbi William Kaufman, Presenter)

Understanding Jewish Theology.  Who or what is God?  Can we define this Divine Being?  There exist an almost infinite number of ways to answer these questions, which have mystified human beings for centuries.  Drawing upon contemporary writers and philosophical thinkers, Rabbi William (Bill) Kaufman will lead a conversation about this very “ethereal” topic and will help us to think about these topics from a Jewish point of view.