PASSOVER 2024 Minyan and Siyyum Ha-B’chorim (For Firstborns Who Would Otherwise Fast)

Minyan and Siyyum Ha-B’chorim (for firstborns who would otherwise fast)

Monday, April 22, minyan at 7:00, immediately followed by siyyum and breakfast.

A “siyyum” is a celebration of the completion of the study of a rabbinic text. This celebration allows first-borns (“b’chorim”) to eat on the day before Passover. (Otherwise, it is traditional for them to fast.)

Rabbi Gordon will complete her study of Mishna Moed Katan, with its

exploration of the laws and customs of chol hamoed – the intermediate

days of Passover. Completing the study of this rabbinic text is marked by a

siyyum, a concluding ceremony that includes a festive meal. Participating in

the siyyum exempts from the otherwise customary fast of the first born.

All are welcome (even second and third born) for minyan, study and

siyyum, and breakfast.

Please RSVP to Melissa for breakfast by April 19. Click here to view on livestream.


Bi’ur Hametz (the Burning of Hametz)

Monday, April 22, 8:45 am

Watch as Jeff Liberman uses his blowtorch to burn hametz. (This will take place right after the siyyum.)