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Temple Aliyah Welcomes You!

Temple Aliyah is an egalitarian Conservative congregation in Needham, Massachusetts,
with a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are a dynamic and diverse community
that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.
With the guidance of Rabbi Carl Perkins and Cantor Jamie Gloth,
we encourage our members to enrich their Jewish lives, to enhance their
Jewish identities, and to engage in lifelong learning.
Not a member? We invite your family to join our family! Join Us!

“We all had to pivot to a new way of thinking about community and how we live in it, and I think Aliyah really responded to the call, keeping us together while keeping us safe."
-A 10 year member of Temple Aliyah
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Coming Up This Week: November 29 - Dec 4

Monday Morning Virtual Minyanim
Monday, November 30, 7:00 am
Click here to daven with us Monday mornings on Zoom. Meeting ID: 89437327489.
A Taste of Daf Yomi with Rabbi Perkins
Monday, November 30, 8:00 am
Please join us — whether you’ve participated in Daf Yomi before or not. No knowledge of Hebrew, and no previous Talmud study is assumed or necessary. Following our study, we will recite a Kaddish for the benefit of those who are in mourning or observing a Yahrzeit. All are welcome! If you’d like to join us, please email Marie, to receive the text study sheet that we’ll be using.  This week, Rabbi Perkins will be talking about what is the essence of an eruv allowing people to carry outside of their homes?   
Click here to join us via Zoom.
Meet Rodney Petersen, CMM Executive Director
Monday, November 30, 8:00 - 9:00 pm
Come to the Social Action Committee's Zoom session to meet Dr. Rodney Petersen, Executive Director of Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries (CMM). Rabbi Perkins will be on hand to welcome Dr. Petersen. Dr. Petersen will present an overview of CMM’s history, its current programs, goals and vision. We'll see how Temple Aliyah plans to join CMM and the work for social justice with other Boston-based civic and faith-based organizations. A Q&A session will follow. Click here to join us via Zoom.
"Mahloket Matters: How to Disagree Constructively" - A New Four-Part Course Taught by Rabbi Perkins  
Tuesday, December 1, 7:45 pm  
Thursday, December 3, 10:30 am
This fall, Rabbi Perkins will be teaching a course focused on developing the Jewish skills constituting constructive disagreement, produced by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem and is generously subsidized by CJP. The Hebrew word “mahloket,” (pronounced mach-LOW-kit) means “disagreement" or “dispute.” As we may know, disagreements abound in Talmudic literature. They have been considered natural, reasonable and appropriate — so long as they are expressed in particular ways. The course will explore those ways, along with the Talmudic insight to help each of us learn how better to disagree with one another. The first session will introduce us to key terms that we will use throughout the course: the notions of a "49-49 approach to disagreement," and of a "disagreement for the sake of Heaven.” All are welcome! No knowledge of Hebrew or previous Talmudic study is presumed or necessary. Join us on Zoom. Meeting ID: 95235815151.
Sisterhood Book Group
Wednesday, December 2, 7:45 pm
Spies of No Country: Israel's Secret Agents at the Birth of the Mossad by Matti Friedman
Come join the discussion about Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel by Matti Friedman. An "absolutely arresting account" of Israel's first spies who went undercover in 1948 in Beirut where they spent the next two years operating out of a newsstand. All are welcome. If you are not on our mailing list, contact 
Ellen Baker for Zoom info.  
Synagogue Council of Massachusetts Virtual Gala
Thursday, December 3, 7:00 pm
​Celebrate our HEROES who have made a difference in our congregations during the pandemic. Click here to meet our heroes (including Temple Aliyah's Robin Metzger and Bruce Berns)! Click here for more information and to register.

Coming Up Next Shabbat: December 4 -5

Torah on Two Feet-Parashat Ha-Shavuah with Rabbi Perkins
Friday, December 4, 11:00am 
Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, December 4, 6:15 pm

Ease into Shabbat by joining us for our weekly virtual Kabbalat Shabbat service. It’s a calming and comforting way to put the cares and worries of the week behind us and enter into Shabbat with serenity. Click here to join us for services.

Shabbat Meditation with Naomi Litrowinik
Saturday, December 5, 9:00 am
Description:Creating sacred space in our lives encourages us to be more fully present (i.e., able
to say, “Hineni,” or “Here I am” with full consciousness). What better time to engage
in this creative and contemplative practice than on a Shabbat morning? Join fellow
congregants and let yourself enjoy the peacefulness of Shabbat. This monthly
meditation is open to all, regardless of experience, and concludes in time to join the
main service at the beginning of the Torah service. For further information contact
Naomi at  
Shabbat Yeladim with Temple Tots
Saturday, December 5, 9:00 am
Click here to join us this via Zoom for our monthly Tot Shabbat service!
Shabbat Services
Saturday, December 5, 9:15 am

Click here to join us for Shabbat morning services. Click here for the Torah and click here for the Haftarah portions.

Pirkei Avot with Rabbi Perkins
Saturday, December 5, 11:30am 
Join us for our weekly study of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Ancestors) following services. Neither Hebrew literacy nor any previous study of Pirkei Avot is necessary or assumed. Use the same Zoom link as Shabbat services to join. All are welcome!


Zoom with Us!

Please note that all services and programming Zoom sessions are password protected for our security. All members have received an email for video Zoom sessions.  If you are not a member or are dialing in by phone only (which requires a separate password) and would like to join us, please contact Marie.

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Kids 0-5 and their families

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