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Temple Aliyah Welcomes You!

Temple Aliyah is an egalitarian Conservative congregation in Needham, Massachusetts,
with a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are a dynamic and diverse community
that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.
With the guidance of Rabbi Carl Perkins and Cantor Jamie Gloth,
we encourage our members to enrich their Jewish lives, to enhance their
Jewish identities, and to engage in lifelong learning.
Not a member? We invite your family to join our family! Join Us!
The Temple Aliyah Shabbaton is Coming Soon!
Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13
NEW! Live Stream Shabbat Morning Services
We are now providing access to our Shabbat morning service by Livestream in addition to Zoom. This will enable viewers to watch the service only without being full participants in the service. Plus no password needed! To join the service by Livestream please click here:
NEW Gan Aliyah Summer Happening Program!


Coming Up This Week: January 17-23

Hesed Sponsors Sunday Senior Social Hour on Zoom
Sunday, January 17, 2:30 - 3:30 pm
The Hesed Committee is inviting congregants 70 years plus to connect, schmooze and laugh. Join the FUN every other SUNDAY. Bring a JOKE and make someone SMILE! Join us on Zoom here.
A Taste of Daf Yomi with Rabbi Perkins
Monday, January 25, 8:00 am 
For Monday, January 25th, we’re going to study Pesachim 50, and share some Talmudic reflections on This World and The World to Come: How do they differ? How are they similar? Please join us — whether or not you’ve participated in Daf Yomi before. No knowledge of Hebrew, and no previous Talmud study is assumed or necessary. Following our study, we will recite a Kaddish for the benefit of those who are in mourning or observing a Yahrzeit. All are welcome! If you’d like to join us, please email Marie, to receive the text study sheet that we’ll be using.  Click here to join us.
Needham's Celebration and Observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day
Monday, January 18, 10:00 - 11:30 am
Join Needham's MLK Day Celebration on Zoom, including music and thought inspiring presentations. Sponsored by the Needham Diversity Initiative, Interfaith Clergy Association, Human Rights Committee, and Public Schools. View the flyer here. Register here to receive the Zoom link.
Sanctified Sex: The 2000 Year Jewish Debate about Marital Intimacy
Tuesday, January 19, 12:45 - 1:45 pm
Noam Zion, the author of a forthcoming book “Sanctified Sex”: The 2000 Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy, will introduce you to two surprising educational revolutions that began in the Talmud and now divide the contemporary Ultra-Orthodox world. Lectures will be on Zoom and include time for Q&A. Subtitles of lecture: The Lithuanian Haredi Revolution: Teaching the Arts of Marital Intimacy. Click here for class reading materials.  Click here to join us on Zoom. Meeting ID: 95035433073.
Parashat Hashavua with Rabbi Gordon
Friday, January 22, 12:30 pm
Join us to study Parashat Bo. No previous background studying the parashah or Hebrew reading skill is presumed. All are welcome! Click here to join us on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 89415270255.
The Emperor's New Clothes: First Anniversary re-showing
Saturday, January 23, 7:45 - 9:00 pm
Do you remember a year ago, when you could go to see a show with other people? Well, enjoy that time again, as we have a "watch party" for "The Emperor's New Clothes," a Broadway style musical comedy completely produced by members of the Temple Aliyah community, with music, lyrics, and book by our own Gil and Margie. If you enjoyed the show last year, come wee it again! And if for some reason you weren't able to see it in 2020,  here's your chance to enjoy a great time, and see many of your friends and neighbors perform.
We'll start with a brief havdalah, then take a quick break so you can pop your popcorn, then watch the show. Don't miss it!
 Click here to join us on Zoom! Meeting ID: 945 6637 1766.
Coming Up Next Shabbat: January 22-23
Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, January 22, 6:15 pm

Ease into Shabbat by joining us for our weekly virtual Kabbalat Shabbat service. It’s a calming and comforting way to put the cares and worries of the week behind us and enter into Shabbat with serenity. Click here to join us for services.

Shabbat Services
Saturday, January 23, 9:15 am

Click here to join us for Shabbat morning services on Zoom. Click here for the Torah and the Haftarah portions.

To watch the service via Livestream please click here:

Living an Ethical Life: Pirkei Avot Study with Rabbi Perkins
Saturday, January 23, 11:30 am (after services)
Join us for our weekly study of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Ancestors) following services. Are some mitzvot (Jewish religious duties) more worthwhile than others? Are some people more worthwhile than others? If so, how should—or shouldn’t—our behavior reflect those distinctions? Come to Pirkei Avot this coming Shabbat morning after Shaharit services (at approximately 11:30 am) to find out. Please join us! Neither Hebrew literacy nor any previous study of Pirkei Avot is necessary or assumed. Click here to join after Shabbat services on Zoom. Meeting ID: 99778154162.

Temple Aliyah Shabbaton
Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13
Join us to hear guest speaker and scholar-in-residence, Noam Zion. The on-line Shabbaton will feature Friday night Zoom services followed by optional break out dinners for those who wish to have Shabbat dinner with other congregants (catered meals from Catering by Andrew will be available for purchase.) Noam will deliver a talk after dinner and after Shabbat morning services. There will be ample time for questions and answers. More to come!

Noam Zion is now emeritus at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem where since 1978 he has been a senior research fellow and educator. His popular publications and worldwide lecturing have promoted Homemade Judaism – empowering families to create their own pluralistic Judaism during home holidays – Pesach, Hanukkah and Shabbat. He is probably best known for A Different Night: The Family Participation Haggadah. He has also published study guides for day school teachers on multiple family conflicts in the Tanach. A fuller biography is available at his website at


Zoom with Us!

Please note that all services and programming Zoom sessions are password protected for our security. All members have received an email for video Zoom sessions.  If you are not a member or are dialing in by phone only (which requires a separate password) and would like to join us, please contact Marie.

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Friday, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781