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Temple Aliyah Welcomes You!

Temple Aliyah is an egalitarian Conservative congregation in Needham, Massachusetts,
with a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are a dynamic and diverse community
that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.
With the guidance of Rabbi Carl Perkins and Cantor Jamie Gloth,
we encourage our members to enrich their Jewish lives, to enhance their
Jewish identities, and to engage in lifelong learning.
Not a member? We invite your family to join our family! Join Us!
Count the Omer every evening. Check out our brand new blog featuring essays by our Temple Aliyah clergy & staff.

Coming Up This Week: April 11-16

Community Holocaust Remembrance Program Remembering Elie Wiesel:
A Passion for Celebration
Sunday, April 11, 11:30 am 
Join us as Temple Beth Shalom and Temple Aliyah gather virtually for our annual Yom HaShoah Remembrance Program. We welcome Dr. Alan Rosen, who served as a teaching assistant and doctoral student under Dr. Elie Wiesel for 10 years. They remained close for almost 40 years. Dr. Rosen has authored or edited 14 books on Holocaust literature, testimony, and history, including several on Elie Wiesel’s work. Dr. Rosen will reflect upon Wiesel’s focus on celebration and its relationship to his role as Holocaust memorializer and witness. Our program will conclude with memorial prayers and the lighting of memorial candles. Register here.
A Taste of Daf Yomi
Monday, April 12, 8:00 am
Sometimes, we do things for their own sake. (Torah study, in the rabbinic tradition, falls into this category.) Sometimes, we do things in order to accomplish a goal further down the road. (For some of us, exercising and losing weight fall into this category.) What are the steps on the road to redemption? We’ll read one particular suggestion in this week's Daf Yomi class
Please click here to join us! Meeting ID: 976973375. Email Elissa to receive the text study sheet we will be using.
Musical Journeys Through The Holocaust with Cantor Gloth
Tuesday, April 13, 7:45 pm
Under even the most difficult of circumstances, music continued to be composed during the Holocaust. Music provided inspiration, comfort and was an outlet for self-expression and resistance. In the post-Holocaust world, music has played a vital role in creating and maintaining collective memory. We will explore this music as comfort, inspiration & collective memory as we continue to tell our story. To register, click here.


Coming Up Next Shabbat: April 16 & 17

Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Friday, April 16, 6:15 pm
Ease into Shabbat by joining us for our weekly virtual Kabbalat Shabbat service. It’s a calming and comforting way to put the cares and worries of the week behind us and enter into Shabbat with serenity. We are looking forward to celebrating with you and your family! Click here to join us on Zoom. Meeting ID: 155728025.
Shabbat Morning Services
Saturday, April 17, 9:15 am
Join us for Shabbat services. Click here to join us on Zoom. 
Click here for the Torah and the Haftarah portions.
To watch the service via Livestream please click here:
Kiddush Conversation: Can We Talk? A Career in Voice-Over with Jill Jacobs
Saturday, April 17, 11:30 am 
"Hearing voices??" Don’t worry you're not crazy!! What is voice-over and why on earth would anyone in her right mind want to do this professionally? In this Kiddush Conversation, Jill will introduce the field of voice-over and voice acting, provide a brief history and description, and share popular voice trends and styles over the years, including the current "hot sound" in the industry. Click here to join us on Zoom after Shabbat morning services.
Meeting ID: 997 7815 4162.


Zoom with Us!

Please note that all services and programming Zoom sessions are password protected for our security. All members have received an email for video Zoom sessions.  If you are not a member or are dialing in by phone only (which requires a separate password) and would like to join us, please contact Elissa.

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