High Holidays Frequently Asked Questions



When are the High Holidays this year and when are services going to take place?

Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of Friday, September 15 and concludes on the evening of Sunday, September 17.  Yom Kippur begins on the evening of Sunday, September 24 and concludes on Monday, September 25.

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Will there be space limitations in the building?

This year we will no longer have limitations on the number of people who can attend services.

Will masks be required?

Masks will no longer be required to be worn in the building. Masks will be available for those that choose to wear them.

Will the Temple offer a live stream option?

Yes, all holiday services will be available on live stream.  The production will be similar to our regular Shabbat morning services.

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I may not be able to attend services in person; can I pick up a Mazhor from the temple?

Yes, simply call the temple office 781-444-8522 to arrange a pick up time.

I am a member, will I receive a paper ticket and greetings packet as in the past?

Yes, this year each family will receive 2 tickets in the mail along with their greetings packet.  A ticket will be required to gain entry into the building.