COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Protocol Update (12/2/22)

Dear Friends,
As the local COVID-19 conditions have slowly improved, and as more and more institutions
have made changes in their COVID-19 guidelines, including the CDC and the Commonwealth,
we want to share with you changes in our COVID-19 policies and protocols. We make these
changes in light of the extraordinary percentage of our members who have been fully vaccinated
and boosted and the fact that the vast majority of infections are now mild.

Mask Policy

We currently have a mask-optional policy in the building, except for the High Holidays (see below).
We know that everyone’s health situation and risk tolerance differs. Some people will continue
to wear masks, and others will choose not to do so. We know that our congregation will
continue to welcome and respect each person’s choice. We will have masks available for those
people who need one. And we will continue to offer our indoor religious services on livestream
and on Zoom for those who wish to participate remotely.


For the sake of everyone’s health, we will continue to require that everyone who
enters Temple Aliyah be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and we strongly encourage
everyone to remain up to date on the boosters recommended by the CDC. If you are inviting
guests to Temple Aliyah, please remind them of this policy.

Given the extraordinary percentage of our congregation that is vaccinated and boosted, we no
longer believe it is necessary to require the submission of proof of vaccination or boosters to
enter the building.


Because of the contagiousness of the current COVID-19 variants, it is
important that anyone feeling ill or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 remain at home and
not enter the Temple Aliyah building. We expect everyone in the Temple Aliyah community,
including preschoolers, students, adults, teachers and staff to comply with the CDC guidelines if
they experience symptoms of or test positive for, or have a close contact with someone who has
tested positive for, COVID-19.

High Holidays

During the High Holidays, anyone entering Temple Aliyah will be required to
wear a mask, except for children under two years of age.

There will be a number of High Holiday services held outdoors under tents. If, as expected, no
more than one side is down on a tent (i.e., at least three sides are open), masks will be optional
for the services in the tents.

Other Policies

At funerals held indoors at Temple Aliyah, everyone attending will still be required to wear a
mask, except for those delivering a eulogy from the bimah, who may unmask during their
address. Seating at funerals will be arranged to permit people to socially distance from others if
they wish.

Meetings and events are welcome at Temple Aliyah. We encourage groups to hold events
outdoors when the weather permits. Indoor events will continue to be scheduled for rooms that
are large enough to permit social distancing. When an event is planned for a smaller room, the
event organizer should coordinate with Executive Director Melissa Rudman so that portable air
filtration equipment may be supplied to that smaller room.
Food will continue to be served at kiddush after Shabbat morning service and at other events.
Efforts will be made to make available an outdoor “under the tent” option for those who do not
wish to eat or unmask indoors.

We continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the building; to use our frequent cleaning
regimen, particularly for high-touch surfaces; and to deploy our multiple portable air filters for
use in smaller spaces.

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has been shifting and unpredictable over the last two and
a half years. We will continue to evaluate our policies and react as necessary as the situation

Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Keith Lewinstein, President
Peter Krupp, Chair, Health Policies Committee